University of Kansas (KU) Law Professor Stephen Ware began focusing on Arbitration in the early 1990’s when he was on the faculty of Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law.  At KU Law, Professor Ware has several times taught Arbitration as part of a survey Alternative Dispute Resolution course, Law 860.  Ware is the author of Principles of Arbitration Law (2017) the Concise Hornbook on Alternative Dispute Resolution, a co-authored Cambridge University Press book on arbitration, dozens of law review articles, and blogs about ADR generally and Arbitration specifically.  He has testified on arbitration before the United States Senate and House of Representatives and, as an expert witness, in court.

KU Law’s Course Description for Law 872, Commercial Arbitration, is: Addresses the law and practice of commercial arbitration, a rapidly growing form of alternative dispute resolution.  Drafting arbitration agreements, the enforceability of arbitration agreements, selecting arbitrators, the arbitration hearing, and the enforceability of arbitration awards.  Gives special emphasis to arbitration of international commercial disputes and the institutional rules under which such arbitrations proceed.

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KU Law Professor Stephen Ware speaks on arbitration at hearing of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Watch on YouTube


Stephen Steve Ware Professor Kansas Law arbitration

KU Law Professor Stephen Ware, Arbitration hearing of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Watch on YouTube


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KU Law, Professor Stephen Ware Arbitration book

Principles of Arbitration Law (2017) by KU Law Professor Stephen Ware and Professor Ariana Levinson

Stephen Ware, KU Law Professor, arbitration

KU Law Professor Stephen Ware provides expert testimony on arbitration to United States Senate. Watch on YouTube


Stephen Ware arbitration professor

Professor Stephen Ware discusses arbitration and class actions. Watch on YouTube