University of Kansas (KU) Law Professor Stephen Ware began teaching Sales in 1993.  He has taught Sales in several forms: (1) as an integrated part of a first-year Contracts course, (2) as a second-semester first-year Contracts II course, and (3) as part of a broader upper-level Commercial Law survey course.  Professor Ware has taught Sales at KU, Ohio State, William & Mary, and Cumberland.

At KU Law, Sales is now integrated into the first-year Contracts course and is taught as a stand-alone Sales course for upper-level students.  The latter course (Law 837, Contracts II/UCC Sales,) has the following Law School course description: The course will explore the domestic sale of goods as governed by Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. The course will also address other significant statutory regimes governing the sale of goods such as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and state consumer rights statutes. The course will also cover statutory regimes regulating e-commerce such as the ESIGN Act. The course may also address, although in less detail, the international sale of goods as governed by the United Nation Covenant on the International Sale of Goods. Students, in addition to exposure to substantive contract law doctrine, will develop significant statutory construction skills. LAW 809, or an equivalent, is a required pre-requisite. 2-3 credits